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We’re Turning 10! featuring Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Virtual style

by The Fourth Wall

On August 15th of 2010, The Fourth Wall performed its very first public show at the National Flute Association’s convention. Over the last TEN years, we’ve had the privilege of performing in the majority of the states in the USA as well as in several Canadian provinces. For our 10th birthday, we want to celebrate with all of YOU! On Saturday August 15th at 7:00 pm eastern time, we will be performing our award-winning variety show “Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Virtual Style”! This very special performance will feature Guest Stars from all over North America, new pieces we’ve never performed before, and so so many shenanigans. We have room for 100 people in the interactive Zoom audience and we will livestream the whole thing to our YouTube page as well! The show is FREE to enjoy, but donations for us and our guest stars will be much appreciated. As a bonus, the first 20 people who email or message us by August 1st to join the Zoom audience will be sent a free present in the mail! So, want to help choose the show order, participate in the dance parties, and help decide how the show will go? Email or message us for the Zoom info! Want to watch the show, but would rather not participate? Mark your calendars and get ready to watch on YouTube! Time flies like an arrow… Fruit Flies Like a Banana! (to watch from afar)
or email [email protected] to be added to the interactive Zoom audience!

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