Because we miss you as much as you miss us

All shows at-a-glance

The Unofficial Official Orlando Fringe Preview by Eric Pinder (LIVE 7pm April 1st with replays available)

#txtshow (on the internet) by Brian Feldman Projects (various dates)

The Agony & The Ivories by Bill Larkin (ongoing)

All Eight Tim Mooney Rep Plays! by Time Mooney (Mondays at 10:00pm EST)

Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy (ongoing)

Black in the Box by Marlon Andrew Burnley (ongoing)

Black Lives Matter by Stelson Telfort (ongoing)

Booth’s Ghost by Wheeler in The Sky (ongoing)

Brit Takes Broadway by The Viera Studio for the Performing Arts (May 13th or 20th)

Corsets and Cuties – A Virtual Cabaret (ongoing)

CURIOUS CONTAGIOUS – Full Length Shadow Theatre Show by Mind of a Snail Co. (ongoing)

Dammit, Jim! I’m a Comedienne, Not a Doctor! (ongoing)

A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup by Yanomi Shoshiz (ongoing)

Desperately Seeking the Exit LIVE Online by Peter Michael Marino by Peter Michael Marino (various dates)

Desperately Seeking the Exit: Pittsburgh Fringe LIVE by Peter Michael Marino (May2)

Didn’t Hurt by Rodney DeCroo (ongoing)

Digital Fringe: Volume 1 (ongoing)

DKtv (weekly)

Falling Awake by Ragmop Theatre (ongoing)

Field Zoology 101 by Shawn O’Hara (ongoing)

For Science! by Small Matters Productions (ongoing)

Gertrude Stein’s ‘Do Let Us Go Away, a Play’ – A Teaser (ongoing)

God Reads the Bible by Mike Delamont (ongoing)

HOTEL VORTRUBA by Ragmop Theatre (ongoing)

Ingenue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood by Melanie Gall (ongoing)

The Jew in the Ashram (ongoing)

Kevin, King of Egypt by Rob Gee (ongoing)

Mean Gays by Bryan Jager (ongoing)

Meatball Séance LIVE at the Steppenwolf by John Michael (ongoing)

Miss Education by Mykai Eastman (ongoing)

Mr. Harley’s Live Stream for Kids of All Ages by Mr. Harley (Ongoing Monday – Saturdays)

My Left Tit by Moustache Running Club (ongoing)

Nathan Mosher is Injured: a compilation of jokes, songs, and poems about a breakup, a breakdown, a breakthrough, and everything in between (May 12-19, 5pm PST, 8pm EST)

Oh Hi, Johnny! A Room-sical Parody by Bryan Jager (ongoing)

One Woman Sex and the City: A Parody of Love, Friendships, and Shoes (ongoing)

Operatic Panic Attack by TJ Dawe (ongoing)

PeeVira’s SCAREavan SingAlong (Online Edition): Musical M.D. (see showtimes)

Phantasmagoria’s Broadcasting Network by Phantasmagoria (Sunday’s at 8pm)

The Prophecy Stone by Phoenix Tears Productions (Ongoing)

Reality Crack by Candace Berlinguette & Laura Raboud (ongoing)

Say Hello to Vincent Van Gogh by Jay Golden (ongoing)

S#IT An Unauthorized Musical Parody of Stephen King’s IT (ongoing)

Shânta: Hell Bent on Heaven by Diana Lobontiu (ongoing)

Show Up, Kids! Online Live! (Friday’s and Saturdays, May 13-30 at 4pm)

Six Degrees of Bakin’ by Christopher Collins (May 19th at 2pm EST)

Spencer Stays Inside by Adam Francis Proulx (ongoing)

Steve Martin Tribute by Jay Golden (ongoing)

Tappin’ and Yappin’ by John B. deHass and Joy Andersen (ongoing)

Ten Minute Tuesday (First Tuesday of every month)

There Ain’t No More by Willie Carlisle (ongoing)

‘Tween Earth and Sky by Mark Lyon (ongoing)

War Paint by Lily E. Garnett (ongoing)

The Waffle House Daze by Trish Parry (ongoing)

When Jesus Divorced Me (ongoing)

Winnie’s Half Way to Halloween by Jennica McCleary (May 6th)

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